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Demo Reels:

I'm available for sound design consultation!

From an idea to the final cut of an episode, I can help you make your project better.

Just getting started? I can help you write for sound, tell you what parts of your idea/script are going to be hard to do, and help you get your vision across in an audio medium. I can also give you tips for how to create the actions and ambience you want, including suggestions on where to find the SFX you need.

Have a near-finished episode? I can give you feedback on your sound balance and levels, use of silence, incorporation of SFX and music, and give suggestions on what effects could be added.

Specific questions about your work? Tell me what type of feedback you're looking for and I'll see what I can do!


Annotations on a script:
Send me your script and I'll annotate it, commenting on specific sections.
10 page script ....... $10
20 page script ....... $20

Feedback on a piece of audio:
Send me your audio and I'll write up my comments with specific timestamps.
30 minute audio ....... $20
1 hour audio ....... $40

"In person" discussion:
We'll talk about your idea/read over your script/listen to your audio together, and discuss it.
1 hour call or video chat ....... $30
2 hour call or video chat....... $60

(All rates are negotiable - I'm happy to work with your budget. Payment will be through Paypal.)

If you're interested in a consultation, email me with some info about your project and what type of feedback you're looking for. If you have budget or time constraints, let me know that too. I'll get back to you within a day or two!